Trump Could Wind Up Losing Everything But His Pensions After The Attorney General Investigation

They don’t call him “Teflon Don” for nothing. For the last several years, Donald Trump has been on the verge of losing everything. He’s been caught on tape bragging about sexual assault. He’s been impeached twice. He’s even openly confessed to crimes. So take it with a quarry of salt that the former president may be finally toast. And yet the twin investigations into his business by the New York State attorney general’s office and the Manhattan district attorney are nothing to sneeze at, especially when the former has already claimed to have found “significant evidence” of fraud.

One expert laid out a grim scenario for the reality TV star-turned-most powerful person on the planet. Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston appeared on MSNBC Saturday, where he was asked if Trump was at risk of personal bankruptcy.

“Oh, it is possible that Donald, at the end of the day, will be left with nothing but his presidential pension and his union pension from his TV show, because those are the only assets he has that would be protected,” Johnston stated. “And given that Donald brags about how much ‘he loves money, he cares about money more than anything else,’ that’s his words, not mine, this is a very troubling for him.”

Johnston claimed Trump “could lose not just the Trump Organization but his apartment, his mansion in Westchester County, his golf courses, Mar-a-Lago, all of that can be at risk in these both criminal and civil proceedings that are coming against him in a number of jurisdictions.” He added, “Especially if the New York attorney general arranges to have his business put out of business.”

Whatever winds up happening, Trump’s definitely in deep doo-doo. A recent report stated that he probably needs to start selling some properties to stay afloat. Long as he has at least one resort where he can rant to strangers about the election he lost bigly.

You can watch Johnston’s predictions in the video below.

(Via Raw Story)