People Aren’t Exactly Buying Trump’s Excuse For Dining With Holocaust Denying White Supremacist Incel Nick Fuentes

Donald Trump has associated himself with plenty of unsavory figures over his lifetime, but he might have finally found someone too horrifying even for his die hards. The former president had Thanksgiving dinner with Kanye West and another guest: Nick Fuentes. Both Fuentes and Ye have said awful thinks about Jewish people. But Fuentes goes further: He’s a Holocaust denier, a white supremacist, a sexist who thinks women shouldn’t be able to vote, and a self-described incel who once said “dating women is gay.”

Why would a presidential candidate dine with someone like that? Trump tried to explain away his dinner with a bigot, using a familiar excuse: He claimed he “didn’t know Nick Fuentes.” He thought it was only supposed be him and Ye, he said, and had no idea he was bringing a guest, much less one who’s frequently said disparaging things about Black voters. For what it’s worth, Trump said that Fuentes “expressed no anti-Semitism” during their meal, so that’s nice.

Perhaps it’s true, and Trump — who bragged that the anti-Semite racist said “nice things” about him and was, as Ye put it, “really impressed” with him — simply thought he was some young fanboy. Whatever the case, people weren’t exactly buying his claim that a former commander-in-chief who still gets Secret Service detail would simply let some sketchy rando break bread with him.

Besides, Trump’s line — that he didn’t know about this horrible bigot with whom he’s linked — sounded awfully familiar.

Even it’s true and Trump had no clue who Fuentes was, he may still have caught the time he attended the same white nationalist event as Marjorie Taylor Greene, who also claimed — also not very convincingly — that she had no clue who he was.

Then again, Ye — who recently torched his career by going anti-Semitic — wasn’t exactly an ideal dinner guest. Nor is Trump himself, for that matter.

The dinner earned widespread scorn, even from within the GOP. It also enraged a key wrestler.