Trump Bizarrely Claimed He Could Solve The Ukraine-Russia Crisis In ’24 Hours’ (And That Barely Paying His Taxes Somehow Created Jobs)

It took him two-and-a-half months, but Donald Trump is finally out on the road, campaigning for president, again. It’s not like he’s making up for lost time, though: Instead of huge arenas, he kicked things off on Saturday by going to a…high school auditorium. He baby stepped to a slightly larger venue, namely the Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina, at a still small event. Trump’s team scrambled to find anyone beside a few old cronies in the GOP to join him. (Yes, Lindsey Graham was there.) What he did, though, is make some claims that were bizarre even for his rotting brain.

As per Mediaite, Trump spent part of the event touting his record on keeping America out of wars, even ones that could lead to global calamity, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “My personality kept us out of war,” he claimed, before adding that Russia’s invasion “would have never happened” had he not lost re-election.

But Trump didn’t stop there, adding, “Even now I could solve that in 24 hours.”

Trump is no stranger to outlandish boasts. Nor is he above spinning his crimes. After his tax records were finally, after years of blocking, made public, Trump claimed that not paying his fair share somehow created jobs. He repeated that claim nearly a month later.

“They said he’s very wealthy but he did not pay a lot of tax. But you know what we did? We created tremendous jobs because that incentivized us to pay and create tremendous amounts of jobs,” Trump told the crowd. “We have a country where it is all about incentives. You have to incentivize people and they are taking the incentives away.”

Oh, and remember Joe Wilson, the GOP senator who in 2009 heckled Barack Obama? He was at the event, and Trump made sure to praise him for acting like a child nearly 15 years ago.

“That voice was so beautiful as he called it out in Congress. I thought it was brilliant,” Trump said. “That was done from the heart…You took a little heat at the time. People love you for that because it showed love of your country.”

Anyway, after months of losing bigly (but winning golf tournaments by bending the rules), looks like the big guy is back and as nonsensical as ever.

(Via Mediaite)