Trump’s Third Presidential Campaign Is So Small That His First Stop Is A High School Auditorium

Donald Trump is running for president, again. It’s his third rodeo, but you might not know that given how long it’s taken him to start seriously campaigning. Ditto the size of his rallies. In his previous two campaigns, the failed blogger and dubious golf champ has commanded large audiences worthy of classic rocker tours. Not so much these days. Indeed, his first stop? A high school auditorium.

As per The New York Times, the 45th president officially kicks off a campaign he announced over two months ago in Salem, New Hampshire. There, he’ll address an annual state party meeting at a local high school. He’ll then head down to South Carolina, where instead of ranting to thousands about his personal problems, he’ll simply hold court at the state Capitol.

As previously reported, the Trump team was shocked to discover how difficult it was to get any big GOP leaders to join him at his South Carolina rally. Trump had a lousy end to his 2022; his business was found guilty of fraud, his tax returns were made finally made public, he was caught dining with anti-Semites, then there was that backlash over his lame NFTs. It appears many in the party he once dramatically changed see him as King Midas in reverse.

Then again, Trump is no stranger to improbable, unearned comebacks.

(Via NYT)