Donald Trump Allegedly Stored Classified Documents In The Shower, According To Unsealed Indictment

Following confirmation that Donald Trump is facing federal charges for the mishandling of classified documents after his term in the Oval Office, the indictment from the Department of Justice has been unsealed and it contains a treasure trove of scathing allegations.

According to the 44-page document, the former president is facing 37 counts of violating national security laws, which stems from both Trump’s handling of classified documents and his alleged refusal to return them to the federal government. The documents were reportedly all over both of Trump’s golf resorts in Florida and New Jersey, and some documents were allegedly stored in a shower as well various bedrooms and bathrooms.

More damning for Trump, the former president is caught on tape showing military intel to an individual while openly admitting that the information is classified. Via The Daily Beast:

“TRUMP told the individuals that the plan was ‘highly confidential’ and ‘secret,’” the indictment notes. “TRUMP also said, ‘as president I could have declassified it,’ and, ‘Now I can’t, you know, but this is still a secret.’”

The indictment also includes allegations that Trump attempted to game scenarios with his attorneys where he lied to the government about the documents.

“I don’t want anybody looking through my boxes,” Trump reportedly told one of his lawyers. “Wouldn’t it be better if we just told them we don’t have anything here?”

You’ll be surprised to know that plan didn’t work. It was not better.

(Via The Daily Beast)