Trump Had An On-Video Meltdown About The Country ‘Going To Hell’ After He Was Indicted… Again

How did Donald Trump begin his message to the country after he was indicted on Thursday? “Very sadly, we’re a nation in decline.” Inspiring stuff!

While standing in a poorly-lit room, looking more like Vigo the Carpathian than ever before, the former president responded to the federal charges against him in connection with the classified government documents he kept at his Florida home after leaving the White House with an old fashioned witch hunt rant. “It’s been going on for seven years,” he said. “They can’t stop because it’s election interference at the highest level. There’s never been anything like what’s happening. I’m an innocent man…” (He’s no Hacker T. Dog.) Trump then listed various “hoaxes” before blaming Hillary Clinton, naturally.

He continued, “Our country is going to hell and they come after Donald Trump, weaponizing the Justice Department, weaponing the FBI. We can’t let this continue to go on because it’s ripping our country to shreds.”

The rant wrapped up with Trump claiming that he’s “an innocent man, I did nothing wrong, and we’ll fight this out just like we’ve been fighting for seven years. We’re a failing nation and this is what they do. I’m an innocent man. We will prove that again. Seven years of proving it and here we go again. Very unfair, but that’s the way it is.” Some things — like Trump defending himself by referring to himself in the third person — will never change.

(Via Mediaite)