Ex-Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Is Absolutely Thrilled Over Trump’s New Federal Indictment: ‘Mazel!’

No one was happier to hear about Donald Trump’s impending federal indictment than his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, while we’ve all had terrible bosses, few of us have ever been used as the fall guy for a sexual abuser hoping to pay off his an adult film star so that he could keep an affair under wraps during an election year. And of those who have, practically none have lied to both the Senate Intelligence Committee and House Intelligence Committee in order to cover up a president’s business dealings with a rival world power.

Sure, Cohen did sh*tty things for a not-great guy, but he’s still allowed to celebrate when his ex-employer may also find himself in handcuffs for his crimes. And celebrate he did.

Cohen reportedly heard rumors of Trump’s indictment while celebrating his wife’s birthday with their family. He told Raw Story that the news that his corrupt boss was finally facing serious jail time only added to the joyful day:

Once again, Donald has created a first as he is now not only the first former president indicted on state charges, but he additionally holds the title of former president indicted on federal charges. Mazel!

Trump is set to be booked next week though whether he’ll be granted bail or put on house arrest until his trial still remains to be seen. He’s facing dozens of state charges in New York and seven federal charges as well, plus he has the resources to qualify as a flight risk. Cohen hopes he’s treated just like any other accused criminal. “He should be treated no different than any other individual indicted, identically to any other individual under indictment by the federal government,” he said. “No exceptions.”

(Via RawStory)