Trump’s Lawyers Can’t Seem To Find The Classified Documents He Bragged About In An Audio Recording

Earlier this week, Donald Trump was rocked by a recording that threw a significant hole in his defense that he declassified all of the documents found at his various residences and golf clubs with his mind. In the audio captured after Trump ended his term, the former president can be heard boasting about having sensitive documents pertaining to an attack on Iran, and he even states that the intel is classified.

The recording is already a damning piece of evidence for the special counsel investigation, and now, there’s an even more troublesome development. Trump’s attorneys can’t find the documents mentioned in the recording.

Via CNN:

The sources say prosecutors made clear to Trump’s attorneys after issuing the subpoena that they specifically wanted the Iran document he talked about on tape as well as any material referencing classified information – like meeting notes, audio recordings or copies of the document – that may still be Trump’s possession.

The fact that Trump’s team was unable to produce the document underscores the challenges the government has faced in trying to recover classified material that Trump took when he left the White House and in understanding the movement of government records that Trump kept.

A major lynchpin of the Department of Justice investigation is the belief that Trump has not returned all of the classified documents in his possession, or worse, may have provided them to other parties. Considering his lawyers can’t locate a specific piece of intel that Trump openly bragged about, those suspicions would appear to be warranted.

(Via CNN)