Donald Trump Can’t Weasel Out Of E. Jean Carroll’s Lawsuit Because He’s An ‘Unfairly’ Persecuted ‘White Christian’

As Donald Trump stares down a damaging verdict from E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit that ultimately found the former president liable for sexual abuse, one of Trump’s far-right allies tried to get the whole case dismissed on some pretty wild grounds. Namely, that Trump is facing undue persecution as a white “Christian.”

The legal filing was made by James H. Brady, a known “gadfly who clogs courts with vexatious claims” who has reportedly been sanctioned by both state and federal courts for filing repetitive lawsuits. Unsurprisingly, his latest legal adventure didn’t work either.

“I am making this motion to intervene in the case of Carroll v. Trump, 20-cv-7311, because I am unwilling to sit silent and watch another white Christian be treated as poorly and unfairly as I personally have been treated in the New York State and Federal Courts,” Brady wrote to Judge Lewis Kaplan who wasted no time shooting down the motion.

According to Raw Story, Kaplan threw out the legal gambit less than 24 hours thanks to Brady essentially being some rando with no legal right to intervene. “Mr. Brady does not satisfy any of these criteria,” Kaplan wrote after explaining to Brady how being a lawyer works. “Accordingly, this motion is denied.”

Fortunately, Brady is in luck. He’ll have another chance to plead that Donald Trump is a victim of undue persecution for his “white Christian” beliefs after the former president defamed E. Jean Carroll again, prompting a second defamation lawsuit.

(Via Raw Story)