Even A Far Right Pro-Trump Site Is Horrified That He Dined With White Nationalist Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes

Earlier this month, Donald Trump may have played a large part in nixing the GOP’s hoped-for “red wave.” Has he learned his lesson, namely that he needs to at least cool down his evidently unpopular rhetoric? Of course not. Instead, he ignored party pleas and announced his third presidential campaign. And now he’s dining with anti-Semites (and Kanye West), which is horrifying even one of the most pro-Trump “news” sites out there.

As caught by Raw Story, even Breitbart was horrified to learn Trump had dinner at the resort in which he now lives with Ye as well as his new pal: Nick Fuentes. Who is Nick Fuentes? He’s the world’s most famous 24-year-old white nationalist Holocaust denier. He thinks women should lose the right to vote. He’s a self-described incel who thinks “dating women is gay.” Marjorie Taylor Greene has spoken at an event where he suggested Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy. Trump, Ye said, liked him a lot, saying he was “really impressed” with the cut of his jib.

Trump has since tried to backpedal on the dinner, claiming that he thought he was only meeting with Ye, who, he alleged, “arrived with a guest whom I had never met and know nothing about.” Is it better that Trump and his team don’t vet those who dine with the presumptive leader of the Republican Party?

The news was met with widespread disgust. How widespread? It even grossed out Breitbart News, the fervently pro-Trump site known for publishing creatively nonsensical conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

“These latest revelations turn what could have been a minor story into a major national narrative, where the GOP frontrunner for president in 2024 — the former president and as of now the only formal GOP candidate for the office in the next election — seems to have met with an open white nationalist, antisemite, and Holocaust denier in Fuentes,” two of the site’s writers wrote in a report. “Fuentes’ now-shut-down YouTube page is shot-through with racist and antisemetic rants that date as far back as 2014.”

Did Trump lose Breitbart? Almost certainly not. But enjoy this probably brief period in which they favor basic standards over fealty.

(Via Raw Story)