Marjorie Taylor Greene Tried To Explain Why She Found Herself Speaking At A White Nationalist Event

Marjorie Taylor Greene has only been an elected politician for a year and change, but she’s already accomplished so much. No, we don’t mean she’s helped enact laws; she was quickly booted from multiple committees after uproar over violent comments she used to make about her current colleagues. What she’s done is hit one new low after another, from defending the Jan. 6 attack to comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust to pointlessly pouring most of her congressional salary down the drain. But as Blur once sang, no matter how low, there’s always somewhere to go.

That new low? Speaking at an actual white nationalist event. On Friday, the Georgia representative was the “surprise guest” at the America First Political Action Conference in Orlando. The event is a rival to the Conservative Political Action Conference being held in the same city — a place for all the conservatives too loony for the mainstream Republican party.

Greene also appeared at CPAC. But before that she swung by AFPAC, sharing the stage with the event’s founder, Nick Fuentes, a noted white nationalist and Holocaust denier. As per HuffPost, Greene treated the crowd to a speech about “cancelled Americans,” railed against the “communist party of the United States of America,” and, of course, made transphobic remarks.

As for Fuentes, he made a joke implying that comparing Russian president Vladimir Putin to Hitler shouldn’t be an insult.

Greene’s presence at an event for white supremacists was widely condemned, though GOP higher-up have yet to weigh in. It was bad enough that Greene felt compelled to try and explain why she accidentally wound up speaking in front of proud racists.

“I do not know Nick Fuentes. I have never heard him speak, I have never seen a video. I do not know what his views are so I am not aligned with anything that is controversial,” she told CBS’ Robert Costa. “I went to his event last night to address his very large following because it’s a very young following and it’s a generation I’m extremely concerned about.”

Despite her professed ignorance about how Fuentes is, there were, of course, pictures of them together.

Anyway, who among hasn’t innocently found themselves addressing a group of white nationalists who agree with our worldviews? It happens to the best of us — or maybe it only happens to the worst of us.

(Via HuffPost and The Daily Beast)