Donald Trump Is Apparently Considering Endorsing Multiples Candidates In The Same Race Like He’s Buying Powerball Tickets Or Something

In a move that only Donald Trump could make, the former president reportedly wants to endorse more than one candidate in the same Senate races so that way he can look like a “kingmaker” in the Republican Party as prominent voices like Ann Coulter says his time is “done.” After whiffing big in Pennsylvania after his candidate of choice, Sean Parnell, had to drop out of the Republican senate primary race following accusations of domestic abuse, Trump needs to give off the impression that his endorsement means something as he eyes another presidential run in 2024.

However, Trump’s inner circle are all being paid to advise various candidates that they want him to endorse, and it’s left the big guy very confused. So now he just wants to go ahead and pick two candidates, or at the very least, pretend that he did. Via Politico:

Another person close to the former president said he does not expect that Trump will ultimately endorse two candidates in the same race. More likely is that he will shower praise on multiple candidates or offer them some other form of acknowledgement, such as granting each a visit to Mar-a-Lago to pose for a picture with him.

While Trump could choose to sit out some Senate races, some in his inner circle worry that not endorsing at all would cede power to his nemesis, MITCH MCCONNELL.

Again, it’s very important for Trump to look like a kingmaker, or the party could start to shift its weight behind another 2024 candidate like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Of course, that all hinges on whether or not Trump will even enter the race. If his endorsements fail in 2022 and/or Joe Biden’s approval rating goes above 46%, Trump won’t risk losing another election like he did in 2020, reportedly. But who knows with this freaking guy?

(Via Politico)