Video Of Trump Holding A Mysterious Meeting On His D.C. Golf Course Led To Wild Speculation And Lots Of Mob Jokes

Donald Trump is a man of contradictions: He lives most of his life in the public eye, but he does his best to keep certain things — especially his shadier doings — private. There’s a whole House committee dedicated to unpacking all the business he tried to keep hidden concerning the Jan. 6 riot. So when the former president suddenly showed up in D.C. over the weekend, the move prompted wild speculation? Why was he back in his old stomping grounds? Does it have to do with the Mar-a-Lago raid? Is he just there on “business,” as he’s claimed? And what’s up with this weird video of him having some shady-looking meeting on his D.C. golf course?

On Monday, NBC News White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell posted said video, with the following caption: “Former Pres. Trump at his Virginia golf property today but not appearing to play as he moved about with a large group. This video was shot at considerable distance.”

What could he be doing? Having some clandestine meeting with cronies away from anything that could record what they were saying? Or was it just some boring meeting about the golf course he owns? You can’t tell with the guy who used to clog toilets by shoving illegally torn-up White House down them.

Whatever the case — underhanded business or boring, mundane nothingburger — it got people feeling suspicious.

A lot of people thought it looked awfully mob-like.

And there were jokes.

And there were some who said the truth is probably incredibly boring.

And former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has a theory of his own.

For now, let’s return to a more pressing question: Will Trump be invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral? After all, he wrote an awfully nice post about her on his failing Twitter clone.