A Trump Stooge Took His Kids To Disney World Right Before Attacking Them For Opposing Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

The American rightwing has a new enemy: a family-friendly conglomerate co-founded by a union-buster. The Walt Disney Company has become a target of Republican tastemakers, who are unhappy that they’ve come after Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill (after a lot of prodding by employees, that is). Their attacks have been bizarre and disturbing, unearthing old school homophobic language that hasn’t been widely used in ages. How serious is the rightwing about their baseless and bigoted allegations? So serious that one of their loudest members owns Disney stock. Meanwhile, another took his kids to Disney World just a few weeks ago.

That person is Jack Posobiec, an infamous Trump-loving conspiracy theorist. Lately he and many conservatives been calling Disney a haven for “groomers,” a homophobic term from a far more openly bigoted age whose proprietors claim homosexuals are Svengalis enlisting kids to be like them. Posobiec has even been hawking shirts with the bigoted term.

It’s a bit of a gear shift for Posobiec considering he took the family to the Magic Kingdom in late March.

On March 24, weeks after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called the company “Woke Disney,” Posobiec’s wife posted a picture of the family in front of the Cinderella Castle. Some commenters took issue with their choice of vacation spot. When one person asked “what are you doing at Pedo-World,” Posobiec’s wife replied that she did it “for the sake of the childhood memories of the kiddos,” lamenting that Disney “used to be so family oriented.” (That beggars the question of why they still went if it’s no longer family-friendly.)

Life moves pretty fast: Not long after the trip, Posobiec was getting the words “Disney Groomer” trending on Twitter. He was also briefly suspended from the service for promoting shirts that boast the word “Groomers” underneath the Disney logo. It also had a “bring ammo” logo, which seemed to suggest that people should shoot up the very place he’d recently brought his kids.

Then again, conservatives have a long tradition telling people to do what they say, not what they do.

(Via The Daily Dot)