Several Disney Divisions (Including Disney+) Issued Apparently Coordinated Pro-LGBTQ+ Messages Amid More Walkouts

Disney has a not-so-great situation on their mouse gloves right now after CEO Bob Chapek stayed stunningly distanced about Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which has prompted employee pushback that has now turned to protests and walkouts. All of this is happening because Chapek hesitated to get political in the state housing Disney World, where Governor Ron DeSantis scoffs at any mention of “wokeness” and supported the bill that hopes to remove any mention of “sexual orientation or gender identity” from public schools.

Many Disney employees have made it clear that they view this bill (formally known as the “Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill”) as anti-LGBTQIA+, and last week, Marvel Studios (a Disney subsidiary) decided that enough was enough. The Disney division came forward with a blistering condemnation, and at the start of a full-day walkout by Disney employees in Florida, several of the company’s divisions made their stances known, all around 9:00am EST on Tuesday.

Prominently, this included Disney+, which Instagrammed a statement:

“Disney+ stands by our LGBTQIA+ employees, colleagues, families, storytellers, and fans, and we strongly denounce all legislation that infringes on the basic human rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community — especially legislation that targets and harms young people and their families. We strive to create a service that reflects the world in which we live, and our hope is to be a source for inclusive, empowering, and authentic stories that unite us in our shared humanity.”

Hulu made a similar call to all “Hulugans,” which they called to come together with nearly identical language.

FX and ESPN echoed similar words.

These news followed reports that Disney planned to hold a town-hall meeting for employees on Monday, all while DeSantis is expected to put his signature on the bill and make it Florida law.