Trump And J.D. Vance Think Holding A Rally During A College Football Game In College Football-Mad Ohio Is A Smart Idea

If you know anything about Ohio — and maybe you don’t! — you know that they love college football. On Saturday, September 17, the Ohio State Buckeyes — who are doing so well this season that LeBron James took his son Bronny to one of their games last week (they won) — will square off against the Toledo Rockets. Everyone who’s everyone will be there. That is, except for Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance and possibly doomed former president Donald Trump, who will be holding a rally at the same time.

Yes, Trump is back on the trail, ostensibly to stump for unpopular candidates he’s endorsed, but also to not so subtly soft launch his third presidential campaign, which he hasn’t yet announced. If it’s anything like the rally he held in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last weekend, it will go on forever and include him baselessly calling his enemies drug addicts.

That is, if anyone shows up. Again, Ohio is a big college football state, and if they’re present at the Ohio State University stadium in Columbus, they’ll probably be at home, watching the game on television — not in Youngtown, standing for hours listening to some guy ramble. Vance, who’s trailing behind Democratic opponent Tim Ryan, should have told Trump about the big conflict of interest. But maybe, much like Dr. Mehmet Oz trying to pass his Jerseyite self off as a Pennsylvanian, he doesn’t really understand the common folk. Anyway, go Buckeyes.

(Via Mediaite)