Trump Is Whining That The New York AG Investigation Is ‘Interfering’ With His ‘Political Ambitions’

It’s been over a year since Donald Trump had the most powerful job on the planet, but it’s not as though he’s been taking a much-needed rest. Instead, he’s been busy. He failed at being a blogger. He’s trying to launch his own (predictably shady-sounding) social media service. He’s held rallies, where he spouts things even close cronies think are misguided. And, of course, he’s mired in legal and economic woes that he’s desperately tried to obstruct.

One of them is the length investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s office into the his business, the Trump Organization. (This is not to be confused with the similar one conducted by the Manhattan D.A.’s office.) AG Letitia James has already revealed that her team has uncovered “significant evidence” of fraud, which may not bode well for Trump nor his older kids (although he’s already reportedly which one should go to prison instead of him).

His latest move? As per Reuters, his attorneys filed a motion accusing James and others in the New York State office of “selective prosecution,” investigating his company only because of their “dislike of his speech and political views.” What’s more, all this uncovering of alleged illegal activities has helped to “interfere with his political ambitions.” After all, while he’s yet to throw his hat in the race of 2024, he has promised that, should he wind up back in the White House, he’ll pardon the violent supporters who tried to help him overturn the election he lost.

In a statement, James responded to the accusations, pointing out that this is the first time during the lengthy investigation that they’ve made this dubious claim.

“Throughout the three years of this investigation, they have never questioned our legal authority until Donald J. Trump himself was subpoenaed to testify,” James said. “As with every investigation, we will continue to follow the facts wherever they lead.”

This all comes after a busy weekend for Trump, which had him, among other things, straight-up confess to wanting former veep Mike Pence to overturn the election, finally saying the quiet part loud.

(Via Reuters)