The Ketchup Jokes Are Flying After The Trump Organization Was Found Guilty Of All 17 Counts Of Tax Fraud

Things haven’t been going great for Donald Trump. His choice of dinner guests is getting heat even from the GOP, as is his call over the weekend to “terminate” the Constitution so he can be reinstated in the White House. It may be easy to forget he has some major legal and financial headaches as well. One of them is the trial involving the Trump Organization, which ended on Tuesday with the former president’s business being found guilty of all 17 counts of tax fraud. As of this writing, the big guy hasn’t had one of his now-daily meltdowns on his rinky-dink Twitter clones. On the actual Twitter, though, the ketchup jokes were flying.

Over the summer, when the idea of Trump’s business being all but destroyed was but a glimmer in the nation’s eye, the Jan. 6 committee received testimony from a Trump insider, Cassidy Hutchinson. Her’s was the wildest day of the hearings, and among her claims was that on that day went sideways for the outgoing commander-in-chief, he lost his stuff and threw ketchup-laden food at the wall. Trump later denied throwing ketchup at a wall.

But few believed him, and as his business was torpedoed for criminal behavior — with him directly involved, no less — tragically broken ketchup bottles was all some could think about.

There were even drawings.

As per The New York Times, the Trump organization was found guilty of, among other things, having “doled out off-the-books luxury perks to some executives: They received fancy apartments, leased Mercedes-Benzes, even private school tuition for relatives, none of which they paid taxes on.” Prosecutors stopped short of indicting Trump himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s in the clear. Nor are any containers of ketchup within arm’s reach of the famously volatile failed blogger.

(Via NYT)