Trump Is Reportedly A Paranoid Wreck, Wondering Which Of His Cronies Is A ‘Rat’ And If Friends Are Wearing Wires

Details are slowly emerging about why the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, which has sent Donald Trump and much of MAGA land into a frothing frenzy. But one detail must particularly irk the big guy: The feds were reportedly tipped off by an informant. Who was it? What did they tell them? Will it mean the slammer for the may have flushed official documents down the toilet? Thing is, even before learning he may have been sold out by a mole, he was already a paranoid wreck.

Sources tell Rolling Stone that this summer, as he’s investigated by the New York State attorney general’s office and by the Jan. 6 committee (and possibly the Justice Department, too), he’s been particularly prickly. Specifically he’s been worried about a “rat” or “rats,” and even worried friends had turned stool pigeon.

“He has asked me and others, ‘Do you think our phones are tapped?’,” one source said. “Given the sheer volume of investigations going on into the [former] president, I do not think he’s assuming anything is outside the realm of possibility.” They added, “He’s talked about this seriously [in the past few months], but I know of one time when he made a joke that was something like, ‘Be careful what you say on the phone!’”

He’s even been suspicious of the many visiting Republicans who come down south to kiss the ring, wondering aloud if they’re “wearing a wire.”

Those suspicions have only ballooned since FBI recent visit:

One Trump adviser tells Rolling Stone that since Tuesday, MAGA loyalists have been asking to pass their suspicions to Trump, telling him not to trust certain individuals and to investigate them for possible contacts with federal authorities. “I’m getting a lot of messages saying [things like], ‘This guy must be the informant,’ and others…calling for the [former] president to start doing phone-checks of his staff,” says the adviser. “To be honest, a lot of it feels like people trying to screw over the ones they don’t like [in Trumpworld.]”

Trump has always been paranoid, but as Rolling Stone points out, “in this case, he has reason to worry,” given the “various criminal, civil, and federal investigations into Trump, his sprawling family business, and his political allies in his attempts to subvert the 2020 presidential election.”

In other words, Trump, a man who demands absolute loyalty (which he rarely reciprocates) may not be in jail — yet — but he may already be in his special version of hell.

(Via Rolling Stone)