Self-Professed Rich Guy Donald Trump Is Begging Fans For Money After His Private Plane Crapped Out

Donald Trump has spent his entire life playing the part of a rich guy, but whether or not it’s simply an act has always been ambiguous. His businesses have declared bankruptcy at least six times. The Apprentice, which made him even more famous and may have even helped get him elected, was reportedly a much-needed comeback, arriving at a fallow time. Since leaving the White House in disgrace, he’s had to worry about armies of debtors who were finally coming for him. There’s a chance, after his numerous financial and legal headaches, all he’ll have left are his presidential and TV pensions. And on top of everything else, he needs a new private plane.

As per Politico, the former president’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing Saturday night after his speech in New Orleans. (That’s the one where he “joked” about a plan to trick Russia into a war with China that only a very dim child would think smart.) Somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes after taking off, the crew was forced to turn around and return to the Big Easy rather than its destination of Mar-a-Lago, the resort where he now mostly resides. After some scrambling, Trump was lent another plane.

Jump a few days and all of a sudden Trump is begging his supporters for money.

Shortly after news of plane troubles belatedly broke on Wednesday, Raw Story reported, an e-mail was sent to supporters which begged for some scratch. “Do you remember Trump Force One?” the email began. “Before becoming the greatest President of all time, I traveled the Country in my plane, known as Trump Force One. I have a very important update on my plane, but I need to trust that you won’t share it with anyone: my team is building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One.”

The e-mail, with its request not to tell, say, the press about his plane woes, drew suspicion from his critics. “Self proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump, who never seems to have a dime of his own, sent an email asking his supporters to pay for Trump Force One shortly after breaking down in a donor’s plane that was flying from New Orleans back to Palm Beach,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Trump has a history of begging his often cash-strapped supporters for dough. Last year it was reported that the $75 million he’d raised to prove the 2020 election was stolen from him instead lined his own pockets.

Still, perhaps this will be the thing that convinces his loyal fans that maybe he’s not actually as wealthy as he claims. Or, you know, not even this will.

(Via Politico and Raw Story)