Trump Has Been Raking In Up To $1 Million A Day Off His Supporters By Complaining About The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Search

Donald Trump’s businesses may be in danger thanks to his legal woes, but even if things go from bad to worse, there’s always one money source he can turn to: his supporters. Since the FBI search of his resort home last week, the former president has been firing off one donation email after another. And it’s been working gangbusters.

As per The Washington Post, contributions to Trump’s PAC topped $1 million a day for two days in a row last week. That’s a big increase from the usual. Normally, Trump is able to raise between $300,000 and $400,000 a day. Now they’ve leveled off, but continue to be higher than usual.

It’s good news for Trump, especially since he seems all but assured to run for election yet again, which some argue he could still do even if he’s found guilty, or even from the slammer. It also indicates that he’s still got it — “it” being his knack for getting people to love him by painting himself as a victim of mean people to get him.

Surely, few of his supporters mind that he has a history of taking donations meant for one thing and then pocketing it for himself. Meanwhile, Trump must know that even if he funnels all that cold hard cash into other avenues, he’ll probably still have trouble finding a decent lawyers, ones who don’t mind putting up with his antics — or lack of payments — as he potentially faces federal prosecution over reportedly stealing classified documents pertaining to nuclear secrets.

(Via The Post)