People Are Remembering The Time Trump Showed Kid Rock A Bunch Of Probably Classified Material In Light Of The Former’s New Indictment

Kid Rock and Donald Trump go way back. In the early days of his presidency, Trump invited the rap-rocker, real name Robert Ritchie, to the White House. There, Ritchie alleged, Trump busted out a bunch of probably classified maps, asking him how to handle North Korea. Ritchie told this story last year in a chat with Tucker Carlson. Now that Trump has been federally indicted for his handling of classified documents, people are wondering if Kid Rock will one day be asked to take the stand.

On Friday, the Department of Justice unsealed their indictment of the former president. Among the shocking details is that Trump allegedly showed a “classified map related to a military operation” to an unnamed member of his political action committee at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club who did not have security clearance.

This person, obviously, was not Kid Rock, who is neither a representative of Trump’s PAC nor was, far as we know, at Bedminster in 2021. But because Ritchie’s story also involves Trump showing classified materials to someone without clearance, it came back in the news.

Indeed, and again, Ritchie told the story — with clear bewilderment — last year to Tucker Carlson, while Trump was still holding onto hundreds of government documents.

Ritchie’s story is not part of the federal indictment, so it’s unlikely he’ll be called to testify about his longtime bud. And yet people still fantasized about that happening.

Buried under the lede is another shocking story: That the voice of reason between a president of the United States and Kid Rock is Kid Rock.

(Via The Daily Mail)