Try To Guess If The Guy Who Attached A Penis Pic With His Resume Got Hired

We’ve all made the mistake of attaching the wrong file to an e-mail. Hopefully that wrong file isn’t a picture of your penis, though, and that e-mail isn’t going to a potential employer. A man in Texas wasn’t so lucky.

[Texas Workforce Solutions] is not the proper launching point for your porn career…and if the caseworker is anything like the 25-year-old worker at TWS’ Alpha Road office who found a client’s dick pic waiting in her email this morning alongside his job application, she will promptly call police, who will know from the personal email address who sent it and thus gets a ticket for “obscene display or distribution.” That’s a class C misdemeanor. (Via)

We’ll give the mysterious creep the benefit of the doubt and assume including the penis picture was an honest mistake, not a gross felony. Either way, I hope the employee who received the tiny (file size of an) attachment responded to the message with, “Here’s some pussy in return,” followed by:

Via Dallas Observer

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