Noted ‘Christian’ Tucker Carlson Got Dragged For Demanding Homeless People ‘Get A Job Or Leave’

Despite being hailed as a hero of the common man, Tucker Carlson went on an unhinged rant against the homeless during his Fox News show on Tuesday night. In a heartless diatribe, the conservative anchor referred to America’s homeless population as “beggars,” “anti-social parasites,” and “crackheads,” which as loud of a racist dogwhistle as it gets. Bemoaning nationwide initiatives to help find housing for the homeless, Carlson blasted liberal leaders for making America look like… Calcutta?

“Everywhere, at every intersection, there are beggars,” Carlson ranted. “This is what we used to imagine India was like. But this is not Calcutta. This is New York and San Francisco and Austin, Texas. So the question is, what happened? And the short answer is our leaders did this.”

Via Mediaite:

He noted Seattle allocated just $10 million to its small business stabilization fund meant to prevent companies from going bankrupt during Covid lockdown.

“So the city’s priorities could not be clearer than that. You lavish money on the least productive, most anti-social parasites in our society and then you punish Americans who work for a living. Got it?”

After Carlson’s unhinged rant hit Twitter, the reactions were swift as people dragged the Fox News commentator for his heartless view on the homeless that many pointed out flies in the face of Carlson’s supposed Christian values. There were also numerous mentions of his callousness towards American veterans who are often among the homeless population.

You can see the reactions to Tucker below:

(Via Mediaite)