Conservatives (Including Tucker Carlson) Are Pissed That ‘Cringing Little Liberal’ Brett Kavanaugh Saved Part Of Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

When liberals insult conservatives like Tucker Carlson, they’re typically very specific in their criticisms, labeling them things like “the worst human being known to mankind,” a “relentlessly indignant picket fence,” a “performatively outraged wedge salad,” or a “prominent vessel… for white supremacist talking points” (thank you, John Oliver). When it’s a conservative’s turn to hurl invectives, however, the best they’ve often got is “snowflake” or, well, “liberal.” Which is exactly what Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh is accused of being right now, following his vote to uphold one of Joe Biden’s two different vaccine mandates for health care workers.

On Thursday, Kavanaugh sided with the Supreme Court’s more liberal-minded justices when he voted in favor of a vaccine-or-test rule for employees of hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities that receive federal funding via Medicare or Medicaid. While he voted against any such stipulation for private medical facilities, thus striking it down, conservatives didn’t seem to care. As Mediaite reports, they quickly took to Twitter to berate the beer-loving justice as everything from a “freaking loser” to just plain “useless.”

One more creative conservative dubbed him Brett “Cuckanaugh,” which is kind of catchy.

Carlson, meanwhile, raged against the decision on his Thursday night show—though the best dig he could really come up with was to call Kavanaugh a “cringing little liberal.”

Still, according to the Daily Beast, Carlson did see a possible silver lining in the Supreme Court’s larger ruling against forcing a mandate on employees in private health care facilities with more than 100 people. He described it as a blessing for “millions of Americans waiting to get fired from their jobs because they won’t obey this arbitrary command from the president.”

(Via Mediaite)