Tucker Carlson Is Still Demanding To See Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT Scores

Tucker Carlson is back on his bullsh*t. It was less than three weeks ago, following President Joe Biden’s announcement that he had chosen Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, whom Jackson had previously clerked for. Almost immediately, Carlson began asking questions about whether Jackson was actually qualified for the job, and demanded that the public be made privy to her LSAT scores.

Those scores were never shared, and while Jackson is in the thick of her confirmation hearings—hearings that have given viewers an even deeper insight into the rampant racism, and sexism, that runs wild through the halls of the Senate. When she wasn’t watching Lindsey Graham storm out of the hearing in a huff, Jackson was being asked to define what a “woman” is by Marsha Blackburn and whether babies are “racist” by total joke of a human being Ted Cruz. And she took it all in stride, which should tell us something about her temperament. Tet, on Tuesday night, Carlson was still demanding to see the results of Jackson’s LSATs—a test she would have taken 30 years ago, and clearly did well enough on to be accepted into Harvard Law School, where she was a supervising editor on the Harvard Law Review. But nope, none of that is good enough for Tucker!

“[Joe] Biden, sounding a touch defensive, has described Ketanji Brown Jackson as one of this country’s great legal minds. And we certainly want to believe that, for real, given that she’s going to probably be confirmed no matter what we think. The question is: Is it true? Is she really one of this country’s great legal minds? One way to know, one indication, would be her LSAT scores. The LSAT is not a knowledge test, it measures logic and reasoning ability, and no one doubts it’s an accurate measure of those things, which predict legal skills. And that’s why law schools have long used that test.

“So how did Ketanji Brown Jackson do on the LSATs? Sorry, you’re not allowed to ask. Because asking is racism.”

Well, yeah, it is. At least it is in Carlson’s case, as he’s suggesting that we don’t know Jackson’s LSAT scores because she has something to hide. But, as Ross A. Lincoln writes for The Wrap, “We don’t know the LSAT of any practicing attorney or judge, unless they choose to disclose it. That’s because LSAT results aren’t made public. The LSAT—the Law School Admissions Test—is only required to get into law school. It has no other impact on whether someone gets to become a lawyer. That will… depend on grades, class standing, and of course, passing the bar.”

Why else is it kind of racist when it’s Carlson asking the question? Well, because between 2017 and 2020, Donald Trump appointed three people to the Supreme Court—Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh (who was accused of sexual assault, shouted throughout his hearing, and won the nomination anyway), and Amy Coney Barrett—and not once did Carlson think it was important that we know their LSAT scores (which would be the equivalent of an employer asking you for your SAT scores as a condition of employment, even when you have nearly 30 years of experience).

So, yes, Tucker: When you only seem to question the law school admission test score of the first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court while blatantly ignoring her virtually sterling academic record, that is probably racist.

(Via The Wrap)