Ted Cruz Appeared To Have Another Airport Incident, Leading To Many Cancun Jokes

If you see Ted Cruz at an airport, take out your phone. You know something interesting is about to happen. The Texas senator famously fled to sunny Cancun during a historic winter storm in Texas in February 2021. When he was caught, Cruz returned to the United States with his tail between his legs, and photographers waiting for him. His walk of shame across the airport even inspired a Halloween costume (poor Snowflake).

Over the weekend, Cruz made another trip, this time to Montana where he was flying out of Bozeman International Airport (“there are frequently Republican fundraisers at the Yellowstone Club and Big Sky” in the state, Raw Story reports). A video shared on Reddit shows the senator “accosting airline employees today at BZN after missing his flight. Law enforcement had to be called when he wouldn’t calm down.” The audio isn’t great and he’s wearing his standard “Come and Take It” mask, so it’s hard to tell what the problem was or whether he was actually “accosting” anyone (Cruz hasn’t released a statement on the incident, but it will probably come in the form of a pithy tweet).

But others on Reddit and Twitter have some ideas:

It’s snowing, he had to flee the area.

It’s his daughters’ faults.

They, uh, uh, wanted to FaceTime with him before he tried to check in

“Don’t you know who I am?!”

“Yes I do and I’m less inclined to help you because of that”

Missed flight to Cancun?

I wonder what his problem was?

Working service jobs here, I feel like a lot of people come to Bozeman expecting resort-style treatment, and then get upset when they’re treated like a normal person. I wonder if he was trying to get special treatment, and took issue when he didn’t get it.

Ted’s just trying to get to Cancun guys.

(Via Raw Story)