Tucker Carlson Was Like A Teen Boy With A Crush When Tulsi Gabbard Appeared On His Show To Discuss Leaving The Democratic Party

On Tuesday, faux Democrat — and rumored Russian assetTulsi Gabbard officially announced that she was leaving the Democratic party, which was a surprise to only those people who didn’t realize she was a Democrat in the first place. The one-time longshot presidential candidate’s vocal support of Vladimir Putin and habit of pushing Fox News-approved conspiracy theories have long made her an outsider within her own party. Which also made it not-at-all surprising that she spent last night chatting with Tucker Carlson, who could barely compose himself in Tulsi’s presence (and may have freshly tanned his testicles in preparation for the interview).

When the former Hawaii congresswoman beamed in from whatever planet she is on, Tucker immediately transformed into a pubescent boy with a crush on his teacher — weird voice cracks and all. Describing Gabbard as “the future” of her former party, Carlson seemed concerned with how she was feeling after her brave escape from the clutches of those evil Democrats.

Gabbard, feeling pretty good about herself, explained that she has always been “independent-minded” and told Tucker that her main goal has always been to uphold the values of the Constitution, which is something she felt she could not do as a Dem. “If you look at today’s Democratic party, it’s controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom,” Gabbard said, as Tucker nodded in agreement. “They despise the Constitution. They actively find ways to undermine our God-given rights enshrined in the Constitution, like freedom of speech.”

Gabbard went on to explain to a clearly enraptured Carlson how immovable the Dems are, claiming that if you don’t agree with them, “they will do all that they can to destroy you.”

Carlson, with his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth, told Tulsi how “inspiring” her words were. And how “I feel like printing out your words and asking every Republican candidate who comes on this show to read them. And if you can’t read them, I’m not voting for you.”

Geez, get a room!

It’s a painful five minutes of pandering and ass-kissing, but if you want to watch it for yourself, you can above. Just be sure to stay for the part where Tulsi shares that one of her former Democratic colleagues texted her three thumbs-up emojis after hearing the news of her parting of the ways with the party.

(Via The Daily Beast)