People Are Calling For Tucker Carlson ‘To Go’ After His On-Air Endorsement Of A White Supremacist Theory

John Oliver recently devoted an entire deep-dive segment on Last Week Tonight to pointing out how Tucker Carlson is a conduit for white supremacist talking points, all despite pretending not to know what a supremacist is. Oliver then gave Tucker two new nicknames, including “relentlessly indignant picket fence” and “performatively outraged wedge salad,” which is beside the point but still accurate. On Thursday night, however, Tucker (who has been praised by countless well-known white supremacists, including David Duke) proved that Oliver is once again on-point by endorsing a white supremacist theory (the so-called “replacement theory”) by name:

“I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World. But they become hysterical because that’s what’ happening actually. Let’s just say it. That’s true.”

Tucker continued while suggesting that he (as a white man) is being “disenfranchised” by Democrats’ efforts to welcome a flood of immigrant voters:

“If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there. So every time they import a new voter, I become disenfranchised as a current voter… everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. Oh, you know, the white replacement theory?”

The “replacement theory” is a far-right, white supremacist theory that suggests that the white race is being slowly replaced by other races through migration and resulting birthrates. Tucker’s on-air endorsement has been noticed.

As Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote on Twitter, “‘[R]eplacement theory’ is a white supremacist tenet that the white race is in danger by a rising tide of non-whites. It is antisemitic, racist and toxic. It has informed the ideology of mass shooters in El Paso, Christchurch and Pittsburgh.” He then added, “Tucker must go.”

Greenblatt was joined by others on social media, who are tired of Carlson’s shtick going unmoderated:

The on-air retort to this should be interesting, at least.