Tufts University Is Offering A New Course Called ‘Demystifying The Hipster’

If you’ve ever had your feelings hurt because someone has called you a hipster, and you sincerely don’t believe that you’re a hipster, the fine people at Tufts University are finally doing some quality research on your behalf. Professor Jackie O’Dell recently told New England Cable News all about the new course that she’ll be teaching that will have students providing all of the materials and content throughout the semester, in order to finally put a definition to that notorious H-word.

The course is called “Demystifying the Hipster” and it will allow students to investigate everything that they believe people attribute to the hipster lifestyle, while determining what actually qualifies a person as a hipster so you can make fun of your roommate’s pork pie hat collection accordingly.

“They’ll be creating an archive of texts or videos or films or songs that they think count as hipster texts,” O’Dell said. “It’s a little bit more about popular culture, so they’ll be thinking about themselves, but more than that, they’ll be thinking about the history of the term, in what contexts do people get called hipsters, who calls them that, and what are the social conditions or the kinds of popular culture questions that raise the identity of the hipster.” (Via NECN)

If the first day of class isn’t O’Dell standing in front of her students and not saying anything or making any eye contact, while she calls random people on her old school cellular phone, then I’m afraid I just can’t sign off on the authenticity.

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