Twitter Fight Of The Moment: Alec Baldwin And Michelle Malkin Over The Troy Davis Execution

If you spent any time at all on the internet in the past few days there’s a good chance you’ve run across the name of Troy Davis. For the uninitiated, Davis was a Georgia death row inmate convicted of killing a cop 20 years ago based on eyewitness testimony — no physical evidence ever tied him to the murder.

Since his trial, 7 or the 9 witnesses who testified against him recanted their testimony, saying they were threatened and coerced into offering it by local police and by the man who they say actually committed the murder — who just so happened to be one of the two witnesses to testify against him who didn’t recant. So, needless to say, a lot of doubt has risen in recent years about the case, with many — including the head of the FBI under Reagan — believing that Davis had been railroaded (I wrote about Troy and the woman who became his pen pal and fierce advocate two years ago). Nevertheless, he was executed last night by the state of Georgia.

Among the many calling for Davis’ sentence to at least be commuted to life in prison in recent days was, well, just about the entire internet. But alas, the web can help overturn authoritarian regimes in foreign lands, but it couldn’t stop the state of Georgia from executing a possibly innocent man in “the land of the free.” Go figure.

Anyway, there was a bunch of discourse about this on Twitter, as you can imagine, and one of the more fun exchanges to follow was the one between the notoriously liberal bloviator Alec Baldwin and sexxxy, Asian conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin, who appears to have actually been the one to start the pissing match.


Oh, and of course, this bloodthirsty c*nt felt compelled to weigh in on the whole thing…

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