Twitter Might Be Trying To Make Justin Bieber Even Wealthier

Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto became the butt of several thousand 140-character jokes yesterday when he accidentally Tweeted what was supposed to be a direct message. “You’d think,” a bunch of us smartasses chuckled to ourselves, “that this guy would know how a DM works,” but there he was, spilling some very vague Twitter business out for the rest of the world to lap up. Who is the “them” that Noto thinks Twitter should buy, and who is the “he” that is on someone’s schedule for Dec 15 or 16 that they “will need to sell”? And what, pray tell, is Noto’s plan to sell this mystery person? The world demands answers!

It turns out that the he in question might be Justin Bieber or “Twitter King” John Shahidi, as CNBC reports that Twitter’s brass has “held talks” with the people from the selfie app Shots, which just so happens to be backed by the wealthiest under-30 entertainer of 2014. What exactly is Shots, you old people ask? It’s a “fun place to meet people,” according to its iTunes description, and it allows people to take and share selfies of themselves before chatting with each other privately. Wow, what fun!

Twitter is attracted particularly to Shots’ user base, the source said—more than 3 million users, nearly two-thirds of them women under 24.

Pop star Bieber is an investor in the app. The company is run by John Shahidi, known to some as the “King of Twitter” for his broad popularity on the social media service. (Via CNBC)

Pop star and Twitter royalty making things happen. Who says innovation is dead? Hell, all those scientists trying to cure all of the world’s diseases need to do is invent a new way to take upskirt shots, and we’ll all be healthier and wealthier than ever.