Two New Trailers For Prometheus, A Viral Clip, Cast Interview, Gifs, And WonderCon Updates

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03.19.12 4 Comments

“Lindelof suggests the Prometheus trailer be played again at the end of the panel.
Charlize counter-suggests that she and Michael do a live reenactment.  Everyone wins.”

We have four videos from Prometheus and several pictures and .gifs after the break, thanks to the Prometheus panel at WonderCon this weekend. The first video is the second U.S. trailer with a familiar character showing up at 1:36. The second video is the UK cut of the trailer with different music, some alternate footage, and a different tone. I like the UK cut better, although the US version seems to have more of Noomi Rapace in her underwear, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.
The third video is part of the viral campaign. It’s a promo for the David android played by Michael Fassbender, and this isn’t a spoiler because — according to co-writer Damon Lindelof at the WonderCon panel — his character is known to be an android from the very beginning, unlike later models which could more handily blend in. (This should also not be considered a spoiler; it’s been 33 years damn it.)
Perhaps most interesting? Charlize Theron said in a Q&A (the fourth video below) that the film is actually a prequel to Thelma and Louise. Now it all makes sense. . . . We also learned from that Q&A that Micheal Fassbender’s inspiration for his character was Greg Louganis. No, really. I didn’t even have to write a joke this time; that’s what he said.
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(Opens June 8th in the U.S.)

Continue to the next page for several pictures and .gifs snagged from these videos. Some may be borderline spoilery, but, hey, they’re in the trailer, so how much of spoiler can they really be?

Greg Louganis, is that you?

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