Two Univ. Of Georgia Students Post Craigslist Ad Seeking Hit Man To Injure Them So They Can Avoid Finals

I can’t recall the last college final I took, but I’m sure I studied for it by not opening my textbook until four hours before the exam began, because “I can totally wing this, guys. Don’t worry.” (I’ve been a college freshman for 57 years now.) I hated finals then almost as much as I hate paying $50,000 in loans now, so I appreciate the effort a pair of University of Georgia students put into getting out of them.

That brings us to the job section of Craigslist, where I found this little gem: Two University of Georgia students seeking someone to run them over with a car. However, they clearly state that they don’t want to die, they just want to be “injured enough” to have a valid excuse to not take their final exams. They round off their request with, “Please do not kill.” (Via)

The compensation:

FAAAAKKKKEEEEEE? Possibly. But just as likely: Georgia.

Flagpole via Campus Reform