A Woman Received A Costly Lesson After Falling Asleep In An Uber

Sometimes you get a really fantastic Uber driver, and sometimes you don’t. For British comedian Hannah Warman, her experience with the popular ridesharing service late Sunday night felt more like the latter. Why? Well, it wasn’t her driver’s unfriendly personality, as she fell asleep too early during her trip to engage him in conversation. Which, as it turns out, was Warman’s biggest mistake since the driver then decided to take her unconscious form on a 35-mile detour of London that ultimately cost £84.95, or $111.

“When u think ‘It’s only a 5 min walk but f**k it, I’ll get an uber!'” the comic tweeted at Uber’s official Twitter account, adding: “& u fall asleep.” The initial tweet and its accompanying screenshot quickly went viral, gaining Uber — and practically everybody else’s — attention online.

In an interview with Mashable, Warman argued her driver “couldn’t have got that lost because they have Sat Navs and the map with the start and end point would’ve been in front of him. It looks like he went the longest way around possible.” Financial and practical concerns aside, she confessed she also “felt a bit shaken and unsafe” since Warman had no idea “why [she’d] been driven around” for so long, and so far.

A few hours after the comedian tweeted about the experience, Uber responded:

Warman told Mashable the rideshare company “fully refunded” her, though not initially. “I had to email a few times to get a reply, then got a partial refund, but I wasn’t given an explanation or the reassurance I felt was needed,” she said. “They said they can’t tell me anything about the driver or the action that was taken due to confidentiality.”

Others chimed in online, saying they’d had similar experiences in the region:

(Via Mashable)