Uh, No — The Guys Behind Harold and Kumar Want to Remake Back to the Future

So, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg the writer/directors behind Harold and Kumar, Scary Movie 3 and the upcoming American Reunion recently signed a lucrative exclusive deal with Universal — because guys who can write jokes about people smoking pot and then being all “whoooa, I’m totally stoned!” are hard to come by. You really gotta lock ’em down.

In light of their deal with Universal an interviewer asked the duo what Universal properties they’d like to tackle, and they revealed their dream to remake Back to the Future. Aw, that’s nice — it’s good to have dreams fellas.

I can see it now…

Marty’s all “you’re my ma…you’re my mah” then his mom whips out her ripe double Ds and is all “hey Calvin, wanna smoke some pot?” and then Neil Patrick Harris climbs in the window and is like “I’m also high, let’s shove it in this bitch’s hope chest” then somebody farts or says something casually racist or something. End scene.

If you didn’t find the above paragraph funny, you’re probably not high enough. Heh! Drug humor!

via Blastr