Universal Is Rebooting "Van Helsing" Because It's Literally Out of Ideas

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05.02.12 6 Comments

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the big star screenwriters in Hollywood right now, because apparently once you write a really, really stupid movie that makes lots of money, you instantly know everything about screenwriting.

As we’ve previously reported, they’re all set to mangle “Spider-Man”, they’re in the process of turning “Star Trek” into “Star Wars”, and God only knows what beloved franchise will fall under their ravening jaws next.

Oh, wait, we do know. “Van Helsing”.

OK, this one we can’t get so worked up about. Honestly, we’re more confused they’re even considering this one. Granted, it wasn’t a total bomb, but the original was definitely a disappointment, and it’s not like it’s got this huge fan base screaming for more.

But, hey, if it keeps Kurtzman and Orci away from other franchises, we’re OK with it.

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