The Alabama Face Guy Was The University Of Alabama President For April Fools Day

04.02.12 7 years ago

You may not recognize the name Jack Blankenship, but you probably recognize the face. Known as the meme “Alabama Face Guy,” he came to our attention for trolling college basketball players with a blown-up picture of his face. When he’s not trying to distract basketball teams and face-bombing Jimmy Fallon, he attends school at the University of Alabama.

Recently the Bama freshman made a video (below) with Daniel Roth to announce his intent to be the university’s next president. School newspaper The Crimson White announced in the April 1st edition that “after watching his viral campaign video, the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees announced Jack Blankenship as the next president of the University of Alabama.”

Since becoming famous during UA basketball games for holding up a sign of his face, Blankenship has made the rounds on late-night television and talk shows. He has nearly 5,000 Twitter followers and advanced further in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament than the Tide did. [Crimson White]

That’s a burn.


[Sources: LaughingSquid, CrimsonWhite, and Reddit]

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