Use Your Illusion: This Gravity-Defying Video Uses The Hills Of San Francisco To Mess With Your Mind

06.11.15 4 years ago

As anyone who’s ever been to San Francisco can tell you, the hills that make up the city are insanely steep. Using this landscape as a playground, dancer Karen X. Cheng made a YouTube video to play mind games with viewers.

Karen and her friends create all kinds of gravity-defying illusions by leaning their bodies into the infamous hills, all while a camera films them on a tilt. Everything from jumping rope to juggling is used to fool viewers into thinking the city is as flat as a board. In some parts of the clip, it’s hard to tell if there is an effect even taking place. The background is a dead giveaway for the trickery, though, as you can see houses leaning at impossible angles.

This clip seems like it would be a great opening montage for the new Full House Netflix reboot. I don’t know what’s making me more queasy, this video or the thought of more “cut it out” jokes.

(Via Devour)

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