VH1’s ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ Ad Has A Unique Anti-Bullying Message

Kids should be teased. At least a little. Otherwise, they’ll turn into perfectly coddled little angels who want a gold star every time they don’t die while playing tee ball, and other stuff William Shatner probably said on $#*! My Dad Says. Beside, one day, the bullied will get their payback, when they become their former bully’s well-paid boss. Or so VH1’s “Revenge of the Nerds” ad would have you believe.

I think it’s pretty funny. Then again, I don’t have a stick up my bum.

If someone posts this on your Facebook Feed, you have my permission to delete them, or tell them to go straight to hell, or slowly and carefully explain to them why this video does nothing to solve the horrible and widespread bullying problem that affects so many young kids today. It’s amazing that this video was even produced, much less is being spread around like it’s actually a “good message” for the youth of today… (Via)

VH1’s ad is a weird twist on the “It Gets Better” series: “things don’t seem great now, but don’t worry, nerd, eventually you’ll be the one in charge.” It might not be a great message, but at least it’s more honest and likely to happen than BAN BULLYING FOREVER, no matter how many dumb episodes of dumb Glee are devoted to its eradication.