Chris Paul’s Unorthodox And-1 Floater Puts Nets On Ice

It was one of those moments when superstars earn their stripes. The type of scene where we’re all reminded in a league blessed with talent from all corners of the country, there are only a handful who can literally alter the course of an entire franchise. Chris Paul’s one of those guys.

Up by two in the closing moments of a tightly contested game against the Brooklyn Nets, Cliff Paul’s identical twin used a Blake Griffin screen on Deron Williams (Class of ’05, what up!) to dice his way to the middle of the lane. From there, the impending First-Team All-NBA point guard launched a double pump floater I’m still unsure how he managed to get off. This miraculous shot was the culmination of a 17-point final frame for CP3 (on seven shots!).

Paul finished his night in Staples with a line reading 29 points, three rebounds, 11 assists, two steals and two blocks as the Clippers edged by with a 101-95 victory. L.A.’s “other” basketball team is currently a half game behind Denver for the #3 seed and a half game ahead of Memphis.*

Also, check the second video when the Kardashians and the NBA got in bed with one another again when Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom had a jump ball. As Larry Brown notes, the crowd’s reaction is nothing short of hilarious. I love when pop culture and sports co-mingle!

* – Depending on how long he’s sidelined with an abdominal tear, Marc Gasol’s absence could place a huge damper on Memphis’ playoff hopes. They’re not beating the Clippers in a seven game series without Gasol. Marc was having an incredible season and was my vote for First-Team All-NBA center and a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year in many circles. You know, if I had a vote in these sorts of things.