Vin Diesel Posted Video Of ‘Fast X’ Costar Jason Momoa ‘Trying To Do The New Whitesnake Video’ While Shirtless Atop A Car

Reported drama on the Fast X set (including the cited reason, alleged Vin Diesel diva-dom, for longtime franchise director Justin Lin stepping away from the project) won’t deter a good time for Vin and Jason Momoa. And who could blame them from having fun when it’s possible for Momoa to rip his shirt off (like he did while apologizing for taking photos at the Sistine Chapel) and distract everyone?

No complaints there. Vin posted a video of this happening with Momoa pulling his best Tawny Kitain and declaring that he was “trying to do the new Whitesnake video.”

“Week 5, day one of an intense new action sequence!!” That’s how Vin described what’s happening on set, although Momoa isn’t looking too villainous, as his character’s existence would suggest. There’s no telling when, exactly, this video footage was captured, but it wasn’t posed in real time. Momoa has revealed on his Instagram that he’s back in the U.K., where he was greeted by mac and cheese and tamales.

Fast X pretty much stars everyone, though. Charlize Theron will return to the franchise, and Brie Larson joined in the fun, and Louis Leterrier signed on as the new director while probably needing to reel in the shirtlessness as one of his first tasks. I’m frankly not sure how any work gets done around there, but you know, when in Rome, maybe do as the Momoa does.