Vince Vaughn Had No Idea He And The ‘Unfinished Business’ Cast Were Posing For Those Stock Photos

Yesterday, 20th Century Fox and iStock teamed up to release these awesome stock photos featuring the cast of the new Vince Vaughn movie Unfinished Business. This was a pretty clever move — one so clever that it apparently went right over the head of the film’s star.

“You know, I just found out about those,” admitted Vaughn in an interview with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean this morning. “I don’t remember doing a shoot for those, but they released these photos I guess where people in office can look like they’re part of an office meeting with Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco and myself. It looks kind of goofy and funny. But I didn’t know they were doing that. That was news to me.”

The actor wasn’t sure if the studio simply lifted images from the film or used still photos. But one thing is certain: Vaughn wasn’t aware of it. “There wasn’t a photoshoot per se, of us sitting around in the office.”

This makes this whole thing way funnier to me. But it’s also not surprising. These photos are Lindsay Lohan levels of Photoshopped — Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson were probably never actually photographed for these. They were lab-created like the stunning fake diamonds these photos truly are.