Noted Mass-Murdering Psychopath Vladimir Putin Seriously Thinks That Russia And J.K. Rowling Are Co-Victims Of Cancel Culture

Russian leader Vladimir Putin brought up one of the internet’s most controversial figures in a speech on Friday, claiming that the West likes to “cancel people,” and referenced Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and her stance on transgender issues, saying she was canceled because she “didn’t satisfy the demands of gender rights.” He then added, “They are trying to cancel our country.”

The author took to Twitter to respond to Putin’s comments, saying “Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics. #IStandWithUkraine.” She included a link to a story from October 2021 which claims one of Russia’s “extremists” was poisoned by the Russian government in 2020, and is now behind bars.

Putin was referencing all of the many, many times J.K. Rowling has made transphobic comments, which has caused a once-beloved author to be despised by so many. Even those who worked on the monumental franchise have distanced themselves from the author. So, for some reason, Putin believed that this was comparable to Russia invading Ukraine.

“We remember the footage when they were burning books,” he said, comparing ‘cancel culture’ to the Nazis burning books in the 1930s. “It is impossible to imagine such a thing in our country and we are insured against this thanks to our culture. And it’s inseparable for us from our motherland, from Russia, where there is no place for ethnic intolerance, where for centuries representatives from dozens of ethnic groups have been living together.”

Obviously, this has sparked some interesting Twitter responses, since we must be living in some sort of alternate reality, right?

Instead of commenting further, Rowling tweeted out a link to her own charity organization that is currently assisting children in Ukraine.