Pour One Out For Vladimir Putin: His Botox Supply Won’t Be Replenished After He Waged War On Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s imperialistic tactics in waging war on Ukraine are having devastating consequences. Millions of Ukrainians have been pushed from their homes with civilian casualties on the rise because homemade molotov cocktails can only go so far. Several thousand Russian soldiers have already died while carrying out Putin’s orders, and economic sanctions will take their toll as well. It’s heartbreaking to watch it all unfold.

There are, however, moments of levity to be found amid the darkness. Russian oligarchs are seeing their yachts seized, and the absence of luxuries will soon hit home for Putin himself. Via The Daily Beast, New York Times now reports that Putin (shown looking rather waxy in the above photo, taken in late 2017, when he was about 65) will have to scramble to find Botox to keep his youthful looks.

“U.S. drugmaker AbbVie (ABBV.N), which owns blockbuster wrinkle treatment Botox,” the NYT relayed. “[H]as temporarily suspended operations for all its aesthetics products in the country.” How soon will Putin realize the reality of this dire (for him) situation?

Perhaps he’s got a stockpile on hand. That wouldn’t be too shocking, but Putin still can’t be pleased, given his rumored reliance on injecting the ‘tox, undergoing plastic surgery, and possibly hitting steroids as part of his fountain-of-youth-chasing repertoire. Sadly, his delusions of grandeur on the world stage are wreaking brutal affects on humanity, but at least he might go without in one small area of his existence.

(Via New York Times)