“Walking Dead”: What’d You Think?

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11.07.11 13 Comments

So, the biggest scripted series on basic cable is “The Walking Dead”. Being a nerd is officially as mainstream as it gets.

Anyway, we’ve been watching this show and we have a few opinions, namely that the opening of the episode was spectacular, and it features what might be the most hilariously disgusting zombie they’ve ever had on the show, but that so far this season is making us really miss Frank Darabont. I’m still not sure how I feel about the “one episode equals one day” timeline introduced this season. It’s starting to get a little dull, not least because we all know the current situation can’t last; at some point something is going to go spectacularly wrong (something this episode started to set up), so why don’t we step that up, guys, and get to the good stuff?

I know why the show has the pace it does: you can’t get the audience to care about the people getting eaten unless we get to know them first. I’m just not sure it’s working.

How about you?

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