This Guy Had His Lost Wallet Returned By A Good Samaritan Who Turned Out To Be Pretty Iffy

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Few inconveniences suck more than losing your wallet, and having to replace credit cards, IDs, insurance cards, not to mention any cash or gift cards you may have had on you at the time. A New York City man named Reilly Flaherty went through this recently when his wallet disappeared while attending a show at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Assuming his stuff was gone for good, Flaherty cancelled his credit cards and replaced his driver’s license.

But a couple of weeks later, he got an unmarked envelope in the mail. In it were all of his important cards (now replaced), along with the above note from a good Samaritan of incredibly dubious nature.

Flaherty told NBC 4 New York he couldn’t believe the “good Samaritan” went to the lengths he did to write out a letter and actually mail back his half-stolen wallet.

And while the person who sent the items back is technically a thief, Flaherty can’t help appreciate the humor. “If nothing else, it’s something me and my friends have laughed about quite a bit,” he said.

Okay, I can understand maybe keeping a few bucks as a finder’s fee, but A) waiting two weeks to return his stuff and B) keeping the poor guy’s wallet is just adding insult to injury. As some consolation, the Kings Theatre reached out to Flaherty after his story hit the news, and offered him tickets to an upcoming show to offset his loss.

(Via NBC 4)

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