Want To See Some New Thor?

The time of Thor is rapidly approaching, and soon all shall know his glory.
But enough about the cult I’m in trying to return the Norse gods to the Earth and set off Ragnarok, let’s talk about the Thor movie.
Some character posters of the movie have been leaked and they look like…well…kind of like the covers to a Thor novelization aimed at young adults. They’re a bit overlit and cartoony and just generally look kinda weird, although we have to admit the image of the Destroyer is awesome, because the Destroyer is always awesome.
One thing worth noticing is that now apparently the movie is subtitled “The Mightiest Avenger”, because you really can’t start selling a movie coming out more than a year from now too soon.
The posters and a few images of Thor macking on the crazy chick from “Black Swan” on the next slides.

I’m amazed there’s no variant of “Get Hammered Summer 2011” as a tagline on this poster.
I really hope those horns are CGI. Also amazed there’s no “horny” joke. Maybe they’re approaching this with actual dignity.
On the other hand, IN YA FACE! would be acceptable here.
Ha, whoops, sorry, that’s just Tor Johnson, sometimes called Thor. Little, ah, little joke there. …moving on.
This image says less “superhero and love interest” and more “This is my post-modern novel that I wrote in graduate school as my thesis. By hand, because keyboards limit my creative expression.”
What really makes this picture, to me, is Natalie Portman’s “WTF?!” face.
[ via the frost giants at SlashFilm ]