Warners: "Green Lantern 2" to Suck Less, Flash to Not Suck

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As we all know, Green Lantern’s first film outing bombed and bombed hard. So, needless to say, they’re…writing a sequel with more action in it.

To be fair, the movie opened to $53 million in a weekend, so people do want to see a “Green Lantern” movie, just apparently not one that features lots of aliens and stuff. So, they’re going to make with the fireworks for the next one, although they’re also dumping Martin Campbell, who honestly deserves a bit more respect: he did a good job, it’s just the movie was aimed squarely at comics nerds, who were too fussy about details to embrace it.

Meanwhile, the “Flash” is supposedly on track with a “strong script”. Then again, that’s what they said about the “Flash” TV show, and look how THAT wound up.

[ via the mild-mannered reporters at Hero Complex ]

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