Watch A Greedy Lion Fail At Eating By Getting His Head Stuck In A Barrel

Not even lions are safe from having all their embarrassing moments splashed all over the internet. According to UPI, this video was caught at a zoo in The Netherlands, where the staff tries to make meal times interesting for the big cats:

The Dierenrijk zoo placed meat for the lions in barrels with two small openings to make feeding time more stimulating for the predators, but the video taken by a zoo visitor shows one of the big cats shoved his head too far into one of the barrels and couldn’t free himself.

The lion was eventually sedated and had the barrel removed from his head by a vet, but this king of the jungle probably won’t be able to live down his embarrassment anytime soon, even though so many of us can relate. How many people who love food don’t have a comparable experience?

(Via UPI)